Tickets for the 2022 edition

By purchasing your ticket, you consent to the transmission of your data to ENAC for the exclusive purpose of the security of the event.

In order to improve the overall quality and add another full day of conference, we had no choice but to increase the price of tickets for cybersecurity professionals, which notably includes industrials and researchers.

However, as we think money should not be a barrier for students to discover cybersecurity through THCon, their ticket price was kept as low as possible. Please note that doctoral students must buy a cybersecurity professional ticket and do not have access to student tickets.


Lunch and coffee break for both Thursday and Friday are included with the ticket.

Please note it won't be possible to buy a professional full conference ticket from Friday 8th April 2022 onwards.

Number of Places

We have a limited amount of available tickets for both students and cybersecurity professionals. We decided to apply the first come, first served policy.

Deferred delivery of tickets

Due to the use of two ticketing systems this year, please note that your ticket will not be delivered immediately. Upon payment, you will receive a receipt, and we will only send you the tickets at a later date. As such, do not worry if you do not receive a ticket: as long as you received a receipt by email, your registration is stored and we will send you your tickets in the upcoming days!

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To mark the THCon 2022, we are putting on sale exclusive t-shirts with the event's logo.

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To come in person

It is possible to come on-site with public transports. Please refer to tisséo website to get more information.

If you plan to come to the event by car, you may want to get a (free) parking ticket on our ticketing service in addition to the one already purchased on the external ticketing service. We will do our best to get you a parking place within the limit of available slots.

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Reduced price for students

We want THCon to be an open and accessible event for as many people as possible. That's why we have decided this year that the price of the event will be reduced for students.

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Online event

As always, if you can't make it to THCon in person, we're offering you the chance to experience the event live!

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Hardware CTF tickets

The harware CTF (completely independent from the free, online CTF) target complete beginners, do not register if you have prior experience in hardware hacking!

You can register in teams of 5 people maximum, or as an individual to be matched with other individual in a «randomly-generated» team. Buy an Hardware CTF ticket