Toulouse acking Convention

April 14/15th, 2022 J−


The Toulouse Hacking Convention (or THCon) is a cybersecurity conference that brings together hobbyists, professionals and researchers!

Since its creation in 2017, the THCon was held every year in Toulouse, France. Today, it is an unmissable cybersecurity event in Occitania, and beyond.

Who are we?

Behind the THCon stands a team of security enthusiasts, investing their energy together to create a major cybersecurity event, open to everyone.

Our team is made of professionals, students and researchers from all over France, willing to share their knowledge with others.

Interested in joining the adventure? Please contact us, we would be very happy to hear from you!

The team behing the THCon 2020

The 2022 edition

As you may know, we weren't able to organise an in-person event last year due to health restrictions.

You were numerous to admire the works of the speakers through the live stream, and while the last edition was a formidable event thanks to all the great talks and our awesome team, we missed engaging with people, and we are quite sure you did too.

This is why we are very happy to announce that the 6th edition of your favorite cybersecurity conference is on track, and that it will be in-person!

But that's not all, far from it.

Merging with the INSA security day

We are extremely pleased to anounce that this year the THCon merges with the INSA security conference «Nouvelles Avancées en Sécurité des Systèmes d'Information».

This will allow us to offer you an exceptional two-day event, more ambitious in its scope, with twice as many talks as before!

We would like to thank them very much for the great work they have been doing so far and we want to say we are thrilled to work with them.

Call For Papers

If you want to give a talk, we will soon open the "Call For Papers" (CFP) phase (around the beginning in december).

A CFP means that we will review a preliminary version of your paper/presentation to select the most promising presentations (we can only organize a limited number of talks in two days, so please understand that we cannot accept all the talks, and we will have to make some hard choices). But do not despair, because the talks of this edition will last two days, so you now have twice as many chances as before to get your talk accepted ;)

If you have some project brewing, keep calm and send us something!

All the details are listed on the CFP page.


The committees are available on the page dedicated to Committees.


The precise program will be available as soon as the conference proceedings will be over. For now, please just keep in mind the convention will take place in ENAC on Thursday 14th April and Friday 15th April.

If you want to present something, please refer to the CFP section.


Accepted papers will be available as soon as they are ready to be published. Stay tuned !


Additionally, because we felt that it worked well last year (we saw over a thousand participants), we will also organize a "Capture The Flag" competition this year.

In that competition, players have to put their hacking skills into practice to solve cybersecurity challenges, like exploiting a flaw in a website, extracting data embedded in a memory image, finding vulnerabilities in an encryption protocol and much more… The resolution of each challenge gives you a "flag", a password needed to win points. The goal, as you might have guessed, is simply to score as much points as possible.

The winning teams will win fancy prizes such as hacker equipment, t-shirts and many other surprises!

As usual, this CTF will take place during the week-end that follows the talks, and will be available online for free. To put a cherry on the cake, this year will also feature a parallel in-person CTF in which you will be able to impress us with your secret hardware hacking talents.

Additional information will be coming soon, stay tuned!

In the meantime, if you want to contribute by working with us to provide new challenges, we would be pleased to hear from you.

Dates & Access

The event will be held on 14/15th April, 2022 and will be located on the ENAC campus in Toulouse.

COVID Restrictions

We currently plan to let anyone to come on-site. The health pass ("passe sanitaire") or equivalent and a mask will be mandatory to attend the conferences / the CTF and any other activity.

Please keep in mind the restrictions may change depending on the health situation in April. We will do our best to keep everyone updated.


Stay tuned for more!

If you want to follow us or interact with us, we're present on many social networks, not only Twitter.

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THCon would not be possible without the support of our partners :

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